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At StaffMed Health Partners, our unwavering commitment to fostering strong partnerships and delivering exceptional outcomes sets us apart. We believe in empowering healthcare organizations to provide the highest quality patient care through the strategic placement of exceptional talent. By choosing StaffMed Health Partners, you gain access to a dedicated team that upholds the values of integrity, innovation, and excellence.

Our Commitment

“To recruit the right Candidate, for the right opportunity, at the Right Time; for the Patient, we may never see but we will always Honor.”

Our Core Values: GOLD Standard

At the heart of our company lies the GOLD Standard, a set of values that drive our interactions and shape our company culture. GOLD represents Gratitude, Ownership, Leadership, and Discipline. By embracing these values, we create a positive, leadership-driven environment that benefits our employees and clients alike.

Gratitude: A Foundation for Success We encourage a culture of gratitude, fostering an appreciation for the opportunities and experiences we encounter. Cultivating gratitude leads to humility, strong relationships, and personal growth, all contributing to a thriving workplace.

Ownership: Commitment to Excellence We take ownership of our actions and decisions, promoting initiative, accountability, and continuous improvement. By embodying this value, we deliver outstanding experiences for our clients.

Leadership: Empowerment and Growth Our company fosters leadership at every level. We encourage employees to take on leadership roles, develop their skills, and mentor others. By providing opportunities for growth, everyone can become a leader in their own right.

Discipline: Consistency and High Standards Discipline is essential in achieving our goals. We expect employees to maintain professionalism, follow processes, and continuously strive for improvement. This adherence to discipline guarantees consistent, high-quality products and services for our clients.

Together, the GOLD Standard creates a cohesive and thriving company culture where employees feel valued, empowered, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.


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4 StaffMed Health Partners Physical Therapist Jobs

Title Location Posted
Physical Therapist - Clinical Director - $25k Sign...
About Back to Action Physical Therapy:With over two decades of service to Southeast Texas, Back to Action Physical Therapy has become a beacon for community engagement, therapist-driven treatment plans, and professional advancement. Here's why we stand out:Community Engagement: Supporting 40+ local activities a year, our offices are an...
Texas 08/21/2023 View
Physical Therapist (PT) - Sports - NE Houston
Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine/OrthoStaffMED Health Partners, on behalf of our client, is seeking a dedicated Physical Therapist specializing in Sports Medicine/Orthopedics. You'll be part of an innovative healthcare team that's dedicated to delivering the highest level of patient care. Reporting directly to the Rehab Manager, you...
Texas-Houston 08/03/2023 View
Physical Therapist (PT) - Sports - South Houston
Join our team at StaffMED Health Partners, where we're currently seeking a dedicated Physical Therapist specializing in Sports Medicine/Orthopedics. This is a newly opened position, providing an exciting opportunity to make a difference in a vibrant community of healthcare professionals. You'll be based in the thriving city of Pearland...
Texas-Houston 08/03/2023 View
Physical Therapist (PT) - Sports/Nuero
Job Title: Physical Therapist - Thriving Opportunity in the Heart of TexasWe're seeking a dedicated Physical Therapist to join a distinguished practice recognized for its commitment to clinical excellence and professional development. Nestled in the picturesque regions encompassing Fairfield, Corsicana, and Athens, TX, this practice of...
Texas 08/03/2023 View

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